Sunday, February 18, 2007

Integration Repository

If you are working with Oracle Applications for a while, probably you remember the days when you were desperately looking for an API you could use for an interface, conversion, or a custom program. APIs make life easier to integrate Oracle Applications with other systems. The problem is that, finding the right API is sometimes challenging. Typically we search metalink or search the database or post a question to a news groups or call an expert friend who might know the answer... Let me tell you one thing, your life just got easier!!.
Now Oracle has something called Integration Repository, also known as "iRep". Keep in mind "i" is not for "Internet", it is for "integration". Thanks to Oracle for being very consistent on the naming conventions!!

What is Integration Repository?
Integration repository is a collection of publicly callable APIs, interface tables, and integration points (also know as "touch points") across all modules of Oracle E-Business Suite. These APIs & Integration points help customers integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with other existing systems. As per Oracle, below is the definition of iRep:
"The Oracle Integration Repository is a compilation of information about the numerous service endpoints exposed by the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications. It provides a complete catalog of Oracle E-Business Suite's business service interfaces. The tool lets users easily discover and deploy the appropriate business service interface for integration with any system, application, or business partner."

Following are some of the integration points available in iRep:
  • Open Interface Tables
  • Interface Views
  • Concurrent Programs
  • Java APIs
  • Web Service
  • XML Gateway Message
  • eCommerce Gateway Message
Integration Repository organizes all these objects nicely by module so that you can browse them by the module you are interested. With iRep you can find lot of information about the API or Integration object without digging through the actual code. Following is some key information you can find about these integration objects on iRep:
  • Functions available in API
  • Source Code Location
  • Version of the API/Object
  • Details about input parameters and more...
Current State
Currently, for 11i10 version of E-Business Suite, Oracle is hosting the repository. You can access this repository at This web site is available for everyone (no need to have metalink access). Customers with prior to 11i10 versions, can also take advantage of the information on this site.

Below is a screen shot of employee related APIs from iRep web site:

This repository is integrated into the application with release 12i. With 12i, repository will also change to "SWAN" look & feel. Below is a screen print of iRep in release 12i.

Release 12.1

In release 12.1 of E-Business Suite, you can access the integration repository by assigning "Integrated SOA Gateway" responsibility to yourself. You will see one option called "Integrated Repository" under this responsibility to access the iRep.

Future State
Currently you might see some missing integration objects from this repository. Oracle is going to add more integration points to this repository as new releases come. But, the ultimate goal for this tool is to let customers add their own integration objects to the repository and publish them so that, other member of the project team can utilize these objects. Probably this is far away from reality, but at least oracle got good initial start.


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